We are excited to announce the launch of our autumn candle, a collaboration between The Crate and Irish sustainable luxury brand The Home Moment. A candle for the autumn season for you to create a moment at home.

autumn candle
Scent Story
Taking you home to the harvest, the smell of fresh greens, figs, and rich tonka beans. Feelings of warmth and gratitude for the abundant bounty of the autumnal season. Creating moments to appreciate the changing beauty of nature, embracing slow living and simple pleasures. Balancing our energy, and finding peace in the unwinding warmth of the sun.
autumn candle
Sound experience
There is a seed card included in each candle box that has a scannable QR code bringing you to a natural soundscape recording. Light your THE CRATE X HOME candle while you get in the bath or when you're sitting down for meditation and listen to an original recording from the home moment’s in-house artist "Darkscapes" of a storm rolling in over the Amazon in Costa Rica. Let us transport you.
autumn candle - seed card

Seed Cards

The QR code to your soundscape experience is printed on a biodegradable seeded paper card, so when your candle has burnt out you can put the seed card in the jar with a hand full of soil and let flowers grow out of it. Encouraging the reuse of our beautiful amber glass jars. And bringing beautiful nature-filled moments to your home.

Our bunch of the week and our seasonal candle bundled together in a box. Makes an extra special gift for a loved one or a super treat for oneself. 

Includes our single bunch of the week and our scented soy wax autumn candle.

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