Christmas Wreath
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Learn to make a beautiful Christmas wreath with us!

Follow our step by step guide for making your very own Christmas wreath!



~ Select your favourite Christmas tunes, light some candles, pour some mulled-wine and open your Christmas wreath kit box to see all of the lovely Christmas wreath goods inside! 

Claire and Steph decorating

UNBOX ~ Step Two

~ Lay out all of your materials. The Crate DIY Christmas wreath kit includes beautifully scented oranges, cinnamon, eucalyptus and nobilis fir Christmas wreath base, so your house will automatically be transformed into a winter wonderland on opening! 


SECURE ~ Step Three

~ Secure your wire onto the Christmas wreath base and loop around 3 times. Hold the wire spool tightly in one hand to ensure it can’t unravel. Do not cut the wire. 

Add wire to wreath base
Add wire to wreath base

BUNCHES ~ Step Four

~ Take all of your flowers and greenery and divide the stems into small bunches, usually x10 – 12 will cover your full Christmas wreath. 

Making mini bunches


~ Tuck your first flower bunch under a layer of greenery on the Christmas wreath base at the point where you’ve secured your wire and wrap your wire around the bundle. Make sure the flowers are on view but the stems are hidden under the wreath greenery. 

Making the wreath
Making the wreath

FAN OUT ~ Step Six

~ Place your next bunch on top of the last in a diagonal position so that it fans out nicely and wrap the wire to secure. 

REPEAT ~ Step Seven

~ Keep repeating this, placing each bunch over the last, always in the same direction, until you reach the starting bunch. Tuck the last bunch of flowers under your first bunch of flowers to ensure your wreath looks beautifully floral with no gaps, wire or bare stems on show.

Attaching mini bundles

DECORATE ~ Step Eight

~ Time to decorate! Attach the whole oranges by wiring through the sliced gaps to secure. Once these have been added, loop your wire 3 times around the base and then cut the wire and tuck the end into the wreath base. 

Adding the oranges to wreath base
Adding the oranges to wreath base

SHAKE TEST ~ Step Nine

 ~ Place all of your floral ornaments around your wreath and secure with wire. Do the shake test to ensure none of the decorations are loose. Tie your ribbon in a bow and wire on as the final touch. 

Adding decorations to the wreath
Adding ribbon to the wreath
the finished Christmas wreath

SHOW OFF ~ Step Ten

Time to show it off! Hang on your door and wait for the compliments 

Christmas Wreath

The Crate DIY Christmas Wreath Kit, €65 inclusive of free next day delivery throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland. The DIY Christmas Wreath kit includes all required materials for designing your wreath; a beautiful Irish grown nobilis fir base, eucalyptus, flowers and natural floral ornaments, ribbon and wire. Order at from November 1st 2022. 

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