How to decorate your home with pampas grass.

How to decorate your home with pampas grass.

The Crate's Pampas Grass Vase Arrangement

A new addition to The Crate's dried flower shop! Our pampas grass vase arrangement contains five stems of fluffy pampas grass displayed in a earthy tone glass vase.

Pampas grass is a tall ornamental grass with thick, feathery plumes. 

pampas grass vase arrangement 

Pampas grass is a great addition to any room in the home, it has a neutral colour palette that blends in with all interior styles and it's soft, textured stems can add interest to a corner of the home that needs a little lift. 

Decorating with pampas

Add some texture and softness to your favourite reading spot with an arrangement you can keep all year round. One of our favourite things about Pampas grass is it's longevity. Spray with a little hair spray if you notice any shedding and shake stems lightly to remove any dust. We would recommend keeping away from any direct heat sources like radiators or fireplaces. 

Pampas Grass

Pampas grass is also ideal for adding height to a room, display on a mantelpiece or dining table and you will be sure to impress. 

Pampas Grass

Bring some life to your living room with a unique tactile experience. Pampas grass creates a sculptural look for your space while adding a nice touch of relaxed drama. 

Pampas Grass

Why not bring a little bit of the outside, inside! Display on a bedside locker or spruce up the spare room. Create a captivating outdoor vibe in your home. 

Pampas grass

There is no denying, the pampas grass trend is here to stay. It creates a gorgeous  neutral palette with lots of texture that is cohesive with any interior style. Pampas grass's versatility and durability means you have endless possibilities for styling in the home. 

Our pampas vase arrangement is perfect for transforming any corner or room in your home.

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