The Crate | How to Care for your Dried Flowers

The Crate | How to Care for your Dried Flowers

How to care for your dried flowers

Dried Flowers make beautiful long lasting arrangements. The Crate's dried flowers are long lasting and you can keep them in the home for many years if you care for them properly. Follow our top tips to get the most out of your dried arrangements. 

UNWRAP | Remove the paper and string. Place your dried flowers and place in a vase without any water. Dried Flowers do not need any water. Water will damage their stems, making them weak and mouldy. 

Dried Flowers


AVOID HEAT | Keep your flowers away from direct heat sources and sunlight, which will cause flowers to fade faster. Dried flowers fade naturally over time.

Dried Flowers

BE CAREFUL | Be gentle with your flowers, dried flowers are fragile and become more fragile over time. To get the longest out of your flowers place in a permanent location where they won’t be moved too often.

Dried Flower Care

DUST | To dust gently shake flowers upside down or dust with a feather duster. Keep away from moisture.


 Arrange and Enjoy!

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