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Mother's Day Bunch

The Mother's Day Bunch

Mothering /ˈmʌð(ə)rɪŋ/ adjective relating to or characteristic of a mother, especially in being caring, protective, and kind.

If there is one thing we’re sure of, every mum and mother figure is completely unique. They can’t be boxed into a one-size-fits-all description, and that’s why we celebrate each of them individually this Mother’s Day, and everyday. 

Here at The Crate, we have curated an arrangement of vibrant, meaningful spring flowers in our Mother’s Day Bunch to reflect the nature of our mums. The bunch is a mix of delicate, curious stems combined with hardier, long-lasting flowers that are known to survive all weathers. We have sweetly scented narcissus that sit alongside fiery fragranced stock combining a beautiful combination of all the traits mums bring into our lives - they care, they protect, they investigate and they support. But most importantly they love. 

We want to make sure they know that level of commitment is reciprocated, and so have hand-picked our favourite stems to make up your very special Mother’s Day Bunch.

One thing we can all declare very easily is, they’re ‘Not Your Average Mum’. 

One thing we can all declare very easily is, they’re ‘Not Your Average Mum’.

Mam, mum, mom or mammy...

Whatever you call her we spoke to a couple of mothers about motherhood.

Alice Tevlin ~ Founder ~Rua

Alice Tevlin -Rua Food
Alice Tevlin~Rua​​

What’s your favourite thing about motherhood?

I am fairly new to motherhood, with my little guy only being just under 6 months. So far though, my favourite thing about this new life is how intuitive it is. We know each other so well. He knows that I am safety; I am home. I know what each of his little cries means and what he is communicating with each little happy or frustrated noise.

Do you have a favourite flower and why?

Nothing makes me happier than wildflowers. A poppy, a thistle, a daisy – and many more that I wouldn’t be able to name. I know it’s not just one, but there is such a joyful feeling evoked from seeing lots of different colours blooming in a meadow.

What’s the best mothering advice you have received?

It is not mothering specific but a general life rule I follow since receiving this advice several years ago: Comparison is the killer of joy. I do feel like it dovetails very nicely with motherhood though!

Claire Ryan ~ Co Founder ~ The Crate

Claire Ryan
Claire Ryan ~ The Crate​​

What’s your favourite thing about motherhood?

I’m very new to this, 12 days in (!) so I would describe it as a beautiful whirlwind. We welcomed our little girl Eva Sylvie into the world at the end of February. I’ve been amazed by how instinctive so many parts of motherhood are when so much is completely new and how much our babies train us on how to be mum’s. There’s a lot of learning from each other which is pretty magical. Especially when they are so new to this world, they’re very clever little people. They need your touch and love and feeling of safety to development and settle, and that’s something that feels like a very special, powerful bond.

Do you have a favourite flower and why?

It’s difficult to wittle down an absolute fav as it changes through the seasons. I love the way certain flowers indicate the arrival of new seasons. The sweet scent of narcissus, the delicate beauty of anemones, the layered flair of ranunculus! Icelandic poppies are a firm flower favourite though. Their delicate paper texture is so beautiful and I like how they make you work for them - they can be temperamental, but if well tended to they are such showstoppers when they show their faces. It’s always worth the wait!

What’s the best mothering advice you have received?

Take each day as it comes! We had a longer wait to get pregnant than we’d anticipated and did a type of IVF called ICSI for Eva which I’m now very grateful for. I found the IVF taught me to be patient with every stage and strangely gave a lovely sense of calm when it hadn’t felt that way before then. These were some useful tools to have during the different stages of pregnancy and delivery and I’ll continue using them now that she’s here. Since her arrival every day has been different. Some mornings you’re flying together and totally in sync, and some days you’re starting from scratch and trying to remember what you did yesterday that worked to settle or feed her or feed yourself, or what song was playing that got her to fall asleep - it’s definitely a daily dance. That brings me back to the beautiful whirlwind that I’m very excited to live in with her at all of her stages; the challenging ones and the great ones.

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