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The Crate's new brand identity

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The Crate​​

If you have been a fan or follower of The Crate for a while now, you may have noticed some changes are afoot… We have been busy bees working behind the scenes on what has been a dream project for some time now. We are so excited to be making these dreams of ours a reality. And we can’t wait to share them with all of you.

The Crate's new brand identity is based on our core principles of making flower delivery beautifully simple. We absolutely love our products and have always wanted our own bespoke packaging to really highlight the beauty and simplicity of what it is we do. At The Crate we put a lot of thought into the curation of our products and we know that every bunch that is sent has a special meaning behind it and there is an emotional connection between the sender and recipient.

'At The Crate our mission is to make flower delivery beautifully simple'

The Crate Box
New box

At The Crate we set about to revolutionise the whole flower delivery experience and we want that to start from the moment you receive your flowers which is why we have created our own bespoke box. We believe that the unboxing should be as exciting as the gift! 

Having worked with a perishable product for many years now and all of the problems that can arise when sending something so precious via courier, we set about to make a beautiful package that surprises and delights while also protecting your flowers on their journey!

Steph and Claire - co founders

'We Care! No really, we do! We put a huge weight on why people send flowers and created The Crate to service the connection between people through a beautiful living product that will be proudly displayed for all to see.'

We didn’t just stop there… At The Crate we care so much that every bunch that is received is of the highest quality that we designed a bespoke cone to wrap your flowers and offer another layer of protection. We also happen to think it looks great too!

Sustainability has always been a key focus for us as a business and we want to reduce our impact wherever we can. This is why all of our packaging is recyclable, down to the sticker that seals our box. If you think our new box is too beautiful to throw in the recycling bin, you can always return it to us in our studio in Rathfarnham and we can reuse it!

We worked in collaboration with our long time friend and all around amazing creative Emma to bring this project to life. No ask was too big or too small, and she encouraged us to dream bigger and go further with this whole project (it started as just a new logo!) We asked Emma about her inspirations, her process and some of her favourite things. 

Steph, Emma, Claire
Bunch of flowers

Conversations with friends.



Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a Graphic Designer and Art Director from Dublin. I recently returned to Ireland after a 10 year stint in New York and Sydney where I worked with a selection of start-ups, design studios and advertising agencies. Since returning to Ireland I have enjoyed working on a number of Brand Refresh projects helping growing businesses find their image and voice in this busy world.

What is the inspiration behind The Crate’s new brand identity?

Everything about The Crate has an air of style about it. The flowers are so beautiful you almost want to wear them. Using this feeling, it felt only natural to dive headfirst in the fashion and editorial space. The new visual world is centered around The Masthead, a confident but timeless brand mark you’d expect to see on the cover of a magazine.

All of the new touch points of the brand play in this editorial space, utilising classic but playful typography and unexpected imagery to tell The Crate’s story.

'Everything about The Crate has an air of style about it. The flowers are so beautiful you almost want to wear them.'

Wearing flowers
The Crate​​

Can you share some of your process with us?

My process is usually divided into 4 stages; Discover, Define, Develop and Dispatch. Starting with design references, right the way through to final art work, always coming back to the central strategic theme.

But collaboration would be one of the most important parts of any design process. No one knows the brand better than Steph and Claire so it was a pleasure to work with them so closely when bringing this to life. They had such a clear (and perfect) vision for the brand that everything seemed to flow effortlessly.

Any pets? Tell us more…

Ms Julie Roo is my little sidekick and the perfect Design Intern, joining me at every brand meeting with The Crate throughout this process. She is a collie/lab/surprise mix but predominantly made up of 50% lion (confidently helps herself to a selection of the finest flowers from The Crate HQ, and rips them to shreds) and 50% mouse (she is scared of measuring tapes, statues of animals, the hoover..and many more). She is the best girl.

Advice you would give to a friend?

Hurry Slowly. Great advice from my wonderful, late Grandad.

At The Crate Studio, we love a good podcast! Any recommendations for us?


What can I say, I do love a good true crime podcast. I think the best crime podcast out there is the first season of Serial, such a thorough and interesting exploration and investigation into the death of a high school student in the 90s. 

Why do you think The Crate is great?

Firstly, and most importantly, the product and brand that Steph and Claire have created is absolutely beautiful and of such high quality. It is so different to just about everything else on offer in Ireland at the moment. They have miraculously managed to strike the perfect balance between, cool, contemporary, stylish, classic, refined..all at the same time *chefs kiss*.

It has also been an absolute pleasure working with 2 of the most hard working, smart, kind and stylish women I know (and have had the pleasure of knowing for 30+ years).

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