Caring For Your Flowers


Flower Care Instructions


To get the longest out of your flowers, place in a vase of fresh water, large enough to allow the flowers to breathe and drink.

Replace Water Every 2-3 Days

Keep Well Hydrated

Cut Stems When Changing Water

Cut Stems When Changing Water

Replace water every 2-3 days and cut stems when changing the water.
Some flowers will last longer than others.
Remove any flowers that become past their best so that they do not affect the other flowers or contaminate the water.


Avoid placing the flowers close to a heat source such as a radiator, or direct sunlight which can cause the flowers to wilt sooner.

keep flowers away from heat

Keep Away From Heat

Dry Flowers To Keep Forever

Dry Your Flowers

If you want to dry your flowers, remove them from water and let them dry out naturally in a clean vase. Some flowers will dry better than others so worth experimenting with this, and enjoy your forever flowers!