A Wedding in the Heart of the City

Art deco minis

As autumn has started creeping in, we put a unique selection of seasonal flowers together to reflect this.

Little and large

For the pink palette, we used eden waxflower, which signifies happiness in marriage and the anenome, meaning anticipation. As the anenome is wild in nature, it symbolizes relaxation and is often used as a reminder to ‘enjoy the moment’.

Large art deco arrangement

We layered a mix of different greenery with the flowers to add texture and tonal colours. This included baby blue eucalyptus, meaning protection, and asparagus ferns, which are the symbol for sincerity.

Clematis arrangement

We recently did a wedding in Eden Bar & Grill on South William Street, Dublin. The bride wanted a relaxed style of flowers, with the brief a soft palette of lavender, pink and white. She wanted a wildflower aesthetic to the arrangements to go with the vibe of the wedding itself.

Anemone and wax flower arrangement

For the lavender tones, we used clematis star river, meaning of mental beauty, the beautifully fragrant silver queen mint, representing virtue and the amnesia rose, seen to be a sign of enchantment and love at first sight.

Anemone and rose arrangement

The white flowers included the sweet william, which symbolises getting lost in a whole new world of wonder and enchantment.

Small white arrangement

We loved working on this wedding, selecting flowers that share a story around love.

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