Christmas Entertaining and Florals | Tips and Tricks


As Christmas fast approaches, we wanted to share with you some tips and tricks for Christmas entertaining, florals and styling as we recently did a photoshoot on this with Image Magazine for their December issue. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 11.00.45.png

Decide on a Theme | 

When planning a festive get together, we generally keep the colours quite simple allowing one key colour or print to make the statement and then have the rest of the theme quite toned down so it all sits happily together. 

Keep It Simple | 

We find it best not to over-complicate when hosting a party – either through the food you cook, or the design of your table, simplicity is key. You can have a beautiful looking table but you also want it to function for your guests so it doesn’t feel cluttered or fussy. We would always veer on the ‘too relaxed’ rather than 'over-dressed'. Keep in mind glasses and crockery, and ensure the flowers or dressing don't get in the way of you and your guests enjoyment of the meal. 

Flower Recommendations for Christmas | 

We love greenery and find it’s a great way to add texture to a dinner table or for decorating around the house. Eucalyptus has such a nice natural scent it’s beautiful for simple decoration. It comes in different varieties so mixing them can create a stylish toned down display. For flowers, one of our favourites are hellerborus winterbells. They’re a beautiful, drooping, delicate flower. Red anemones (as used in the images) are perfect for creating both a simple and dramatic festive theme. 


Sourcing Tableware | 

We like to mix up tableware and love nothing more than going on the hunt for new pieces to use when entertaining. Anthropologie does beautiful, unusual crockery which is always a treat to buy. We love Habitat’s more minimalist tableware and we have a great stock of different vessels for our flowers which have come from amazing charity shop finds, so it’s always a great place to find something unique that you can build into your own dinner table styling. Sostrene Grene is also a savior for beautiful, simple, Scandi-style accessories that really add the detail when entertaining at home.

We hope these are useful tips and add to some beautiful Christmas styling!