Simple Tips in Flower Arranging

When putting our flowers together we like to focus on a colour palette. Our flower style is very relaxed and so the flowers we tend to be drawn to are the softer, wilder looking flowers that, when put together, compliment each other in tonal palettes.

Step 1 | Preparing Greenery | The Crate.JPG

We begin our arrangements by selecting different greenery. This gives texture to your arrangement and different types of greenery can really sculpt the form the arrangement is going to take. One of our greenery favourites at the moment is eucalyptus – it has a beautiful scent, is good for you and has a lovely silver sheen to the leaves, that works nicely with many different styles of flowers. Pitto leaves are great as they have a stem which holds the flowers you layer on top in place. Asparagus ferns offer a softness to your arrangement which can loosen the structure nicely and broaden the arrangement.

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DO | Experiment with different types of greenery to give texture and softness

DON’T | Overthink stem placement as your arrangement will take shape gradually

We then look for a filler to spruce up the arrangement and to add additional texture. We find that limonium, waxflower and aster work well for creating a wild, loose look. Limonium in white is great if you want to keep your palette neutral or the lavender works nicely to add a purple haze to your arrangement. Waxflower is beautiful as it’s flowers are plentiful and work to both compliment and contrast many different flowers put with it. Aster adds a fun twist to an arrangement with it’s pretty daisy-like flowers. 

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DO | Use a filler that will compliment the flowers that you will add next

DON’T | Let the filler overbear the greenery you’ve already added

Finally, the flowers are selected and added. For our arrangements we like the look of graduated heights, so layer flowers with longer stems at the back and shorter stems at the front. This adds to the unstructured, relaxed feel of the arrangement. Once the flowers are all in place, tie them to secure the bunch, level the stems and place in water. Flowers are very much a personal preference and we love to look at the meanings of different flowers as each one has its own unique story. This can work nicely when giving flowers as a gift to someone, as you can thoughtfully select different flowers for the occasion. Whether it’s a small token to say thanks or a pick-me up for a best friend, it’s nice to look into the meaning of flowers as an extra added touch. For example, Phlox flowers are sometimes given the expression of, “sweet dreams,” and can be plucked from a garden and given at the end of a particularly good date, alstroemeria is a symbol of friendship and celosia is a symbol of boldness. If you want to wish someone courage, a large bunch of celosias will be totally appropriate.

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DO | Have fun with the flowers you select

DON’T | Use flowers out of season as they will be weaker and will wither easily

When the greenery, filler and flowers have been layered together, the next step is choosing a what to put them in. We love to experiment with this as you don’t always have to go for a traditional vase. Instead look through your presses to see what you have hidden away, or go on a hunt through different charity shops as we’ve found some of our favourite, most unique and affordable vessels doing this! Depending on the size of the arrangement, you can place this into one large vase, as an eye-catching statement display of flowers, or you can split your arrangement into different jars and bottles to place along a table as smaller centerpieces. It’s great to be creative when choosing how to showcase your arrangements and see the flowers become part of your environment.

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DO | Ensure your arrangement is topped up with fresh water at all times to get the longevity out of your flowers

DON’T | Be afraid to mix and match different vessels as this can work really nicely as a display

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Happy flower arranging!